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First Aid Servicing

Stay compliant, be ready for anything.

Did you know that your first aid kits should be checked and audited every 12 months as a minimum requirement?

With our on-site restocking service, we come to you to check and replenish your kits, create an inventory list of first aid items, affix a signed compliance sticker on your kits each visit, and offer ongoing compliance support. We can also provide courtesy reminders of when services are due to give you peace of mind.

Simply fill out the form below and a member of our Restocking team will contact you to organise our on-site restocking service for your workplace. 

Ensure Compliance

Westcare Ambulance will ensure you are complying with both state or territory and federal workplace health and safety laws. The WHS Regulations place specific obligations on a person conducting a business or undertaking in relation to first aid, including requirements to: provide first aid equipment and ensure each worker at the workplace has access to the equipment. ensure access to facilities for the administration of first aid.

Affordable service

A Westcare Ambulance first aid service means your workplace OHS needs are handled. We simply show up, restock what needs to be restocked and move on.

Be recognised as a safe employer

Westcare Ambulance offers complimentary first aid assessments to help companies become known as an employer of choice when it comes to safety. Ensure the safety of your employees and create a positive work environment with our expert assessments. Contact us today to schedule your assessment and restocking of your first aid kits.

24-hour turnaround

Westcare Ambulance boasts a guaranteed 24-hour turn around (usually it's much quicker) for all of our first aid assessments and first aid servicing. You will have a full report and recommendations in your email inbox within 24 hours of our site visit.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.


Step 1 - Assessment and site visit

Westcare Ambulance will gather some information and attend your workplace. After filling out our form below or contacting our customer care team, we'll arrange a date for a complimentary onsite workplace assessment.


Step 2 - Proposal 

Our First Aid Specialist will provide a recommendation highly personalised to your workplace's first aid, training, equipment and emergency requirements. This will be signed by a real ambulance professional who knows the ins and outs of first aid and WHS laws and guidelines.


Step 3 - Implementation

Westcare Ambulance will work with you to implement our recommendations. Upon completion your workplace will be issued with a certificate to recognise your role in making it a safer place.


Book a First Aid Service today.


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